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September 27, 2021

Happy to be at the JAHMA Conference in Atlantic City September 27, 2021 and to be recognized by the JAHMA Foundation and Electronic Access Foundation(NAF) for supporting students living in New Jersey Affordable housing communities.  This effort provides needed computers to JAHMA Scholarship recipients, both youth and adult, giving them the necessary technology, which allows them to continue their education and access to the resources they need to succeed.

The award was presented to John Zoetjes and his company, American Architectural Window & Door. They’ve been a financial supporter for 5 years and that support has allowed NAF to supply refurbished laptops to students living in NJ affordable housing as they continue their education after high school. 

American Architectural Window & Door has also provided support to help the EAF effort establish or upgrade computer labs in over 20 affordable housing apartment communities. Thanks again to John and his team and congratulations on the award. 






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