PAA Expo- Apart Together

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The Pennsylvania Apartment Association held its annual Expo April 5th at the Valley Forge Casino Resort. This year’s theme was Apart Together, symbolizing how those who work-in and supply the multi-family housing industry have made it through the past 2+ years no matter the distance between us. The show had been postponed since March 2020, and was held for the first time in October 2021 at the same location. Needless to say, it was terrific to be with everyone again and to experience the camaraderie.

For the team at American Architectural Window and Door, the location was equally meaningful and Valley Forge National Historical Park was walking distance to the convention center. It was here that Washington’s independent-minded combat veterans received advanced training to learn new military skills, new recruits received basic training, as well as the professionalization of the officer corps, and the rise of the army’s distinctive branches began. Many regard Valley Forge as the birthplace of the American army.

John Zoetjes, President of AAWD and an Army veteran noted, “Whenever I am in Valley Forge, there is just something in the air that makes me extra proud to have served the country.”

To recognize the belief and hope we all have had over the past two years that we’d one day be back at the Expo and its location, AAWD held a drawing for Faith American Ale, to symbolize that enduring promise that America stands for.

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