Whose Responsibility Is It To Replace Condo Windows in New Jersey?

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Condos and townhouses represent unique challenges for window replacements. When replacing windows in multifamily homes, there are many different factors to consider, one of the most important being to figure out whose responsibility it is to replace those windows. Keep reading to see who has to pay for condo window replacement in New Jersey and how an expert in commercial window installation can make that chore easier.

Check Your Documentation Before Buying Condo Windows in NJ
There is no clear answer to who owns condo windows in New Jersey. This depends on your property’s declarations, which spell out the parts of your property that is your private unit, the parts that are a limited common area, and the parts that are a common area. Often, the windows for each individual unit belong to the unit owners, which means that the maintenance, repair, and replacement costs of those windows falls on the homeowner. If your documentation indicates that the windows are common elements or limited common elements, your property management, condo association, or homeowners’ association may be the ones responsible.

Can My HOA Force Me To Install New Windows For My Condo?
If your windows belong to you, you can do what you want… right? Not so fast! When you live in a multifamily property, you have a shared responsibility to take care of that property. That certainly includes making sure that your doors and windows are in good repair. New windows can greatly improve your energy efficiency, which may affect your neighbors—especially if you share costs for heating, cooling, or insulation. Depending on your documentation, your property’s HOA or condo association may be able to require you to get new windows, to repair broken windows, or to install a new door.

Whether it is your duty as a homeowner to replace your condo windows, or the duty of the condo association or board, now is the right time to focus on window replacements in New Jersey! AAWD has helped many multifamily properties plan window installation projects that restore the beauty of their community while saving costs on heating and cooling. To find out how we can help transform your windows, call our team today.

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