Here’s Why Energy Efficient Windows Are So Important For Senior Living in NJ

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If you manage a senior living building, energy efficient windows are a must! While finding the best windows for any apartment building or commercial property is important, having energy efficient, new apartment windows is even more important when your residents are mostly seniors. Keep reading to find out why!

Energy Efficient Windows Retain More Heat
As we age, our bodies become less efficient at keeping themselves warm. Drafty windows can make a home seem far colder than the actual temperature, and can cause up to 30% heat loss through the windows. While this is important in any home, it is even more important for seniors, as they often need higher temperatures to stay comfortable. When you install energy efficient windows in NJ’s senior living facilities, you can make your residents more comfortable in their homes.

New Multifamily Windows in NJ Senior Living Can Reduce Operational Costs
Not only will new multifamily windows make senior residents more comfortable, they can reduce the heating or operational costs. In some senior living arrangements, the residents pay their own utilities—which can be quite a burden for the many seniors living on fixed incomes. Your commitment to energy-efficient windows will mean a higher quality of life for your residents. Does your senior living facility cover the cost of heating and cooling? If so, new energy-efficient windows can reduce your operational costs, freeing up funds for other improvements, or keeping rents low.

Install New Doors For Even More Energy Efficiency
When you install new energy efficient windows, don’t forget the other area where heat escapes: the door! This is particularly true for senior living communities where each unit has their own front door or patio door—for contained apartments, doors may only be exterior. Replacing exterior doors with energy efficient styles at the same time as you replace windows can maximize savings.

Ready to start saving your residents money while keeping them nice and warm? Call American Architectural Window and Door in New Jersey to discuss energy efficient windows and doors.

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