Can Window Companies in NJ Replace Historical Windows to Match?

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Historic properties across New Jersey are beautiful, but the windows on historic buildings often have an unreasonable amount of wear and tear. Unlike modern windows which are built from long-lasting materials, many older windows were made of wood that breaks down over time in NJ’s volatile climate. But part of what makes your historic building unique is the way the windows look? Can you find a match for your historic windows? Keep reading to find out.

Upgrade Your Windows For Energy Efficiency and Preserve the Appearance
Most property owners and property managers today are less concerned with the appearance of their windows, and more concerned with the heat loss and structural integrity of these windows. However, residents and community members are often sharply opposed to changing the classic appearance of landmark buildings. When you look for a window installation company in NJ, you need a team that helps you to embrace the best of both worlds. When you work with the best window contractors in the area, you can replace those old windows with modern windows while still preserving the appearance with custom-designed and custom-fit windows.

What If I Love The Look of Wooden Windows?
While we all agree that wooden windows don’t function as strongly as newer vinyl or aluminum windows, there are many people who love the classic, wooden frames. Our team of window professionals in Northern NJ can help you find the most attractive vinyl windows with wood grain patterning and styling. When the appropriate replacement windows are selected, you can enjoy the same wood look, “wooden” frame, and visual appeal, but with the strength and longevity of vinyl inside. Aluminum windows can also be painted in a wood grain style, but doesn’t usually look as natural as vinyl.

Where Can I Find Custom-Sized Replacements For Historic Windows?
Most windows, especially windows for multifamily units or apartment building windows, are somewhat standard in size and shape. However, historic buildings, as well as properties with special or custom windows, can have windows of all sorts of shapes and sizes that may not currently be available on the market. If looks don’t matter, it can sometimes be easier to simply cut a different size for the window, but when you want to preserve your historical building windows, you don’t want to cut any corners! You need a skilled window company that can work with window manufacturers to get those custom windows to match—and the team at American Architectural Window and Door can do it!

Don’t wait for your old windows to start letting water seep into your historic property. Call the expert window professionals at AAWD today to consult about a window replacement that will preserve the style of your historic building.

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