Windows for Seniors

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Windows have never been more important. They do more than let light in or manage thermal energy. They are your eyes to the world.

Now imagine your family member is living in a senior living community and the role windows are likely playing in their daily lives right now.

As specialists in Occupied Space window installations for over 25 years, we recognize the care needed to deliver comfort and peace of mind required while a window replacement project is underway. Our health and safety protocols meet all the latest guidelines needed to complete a project, such as The Mahanoy Senior Living community residence.

This 13-story senior housing building was built in 1979. It has 124 one-bedroom apartments for senior residents where we removed the existing windows and installed (399) Aluminum Double Hung Windows all the while assurance the resident’s are safe and happy.

156 Woodport Road — Suite 1A
Sparta, NJ 07871
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