You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good First Impression

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Everyone knows what the term curb appeal is, the exterior visual appearance that creates the first impression of a home. It also is no different in the mulitfamily housing industry.

In the article, “Landlord’s Guide to Rental Property Curb Appeal” on, it notes, “a renter’s first impression of your property in person will be from the outside. They may have been drawn to your property’s high-quality photos, property description, or video tours of the interior online, but curb appeal can help you seal the deal.”

Here is an experiment to prove this point. Look at the photo of the two entry doors. Imagine walking up to the door on the left with the letter “A” on it. What would be going through your mind about the building, the door itself, what may be behind this door?

Now imagine walking up to the door on the right. What would be going through your mind about the building, the door itself, what may be behind this door?

If you were going to rent one of these apartments and you had the choice of the one on the left or right, but could not go inside to see the apartment, which apartment would you most likely consider renting? And if you were the owner of both the left and right apartments, which one would you think would be most appealing to potential renters?

In this example, the apartment on the left and right is the same appartment inside, only the entry door on the right has been upgraded. The new entry door exudes appeal, welcoming both renter and any guest as they appraoch this entry.

Our eyes are the windows to our world, it’s natural we trust what we see with them. For example, when a potential renter is looking for a place to live, curb appeal often can and does make a big difference in their decision, because they see themselves not only inside, but walking back up to the entry each time they come home.

In a “Landlord’s Guide to Rental Property Curb Appeal”, it notes: “Upgrade the Rental’s Exterior “Out with the old — in with the new. If your front door is showing its age, consider buying a new one.”

Now imagine how American Architectural Window and Door can enhance your apartment building’s appearance and the perception for your potential renters. Give us a call to discuss what design options may be available for your property.

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